For professional healers & mystics who are creating work that's never been done before.

We believe healers and mystics (and the Sacred Work you are bringing forth) are on the front lines for creating our brave new world.

A world that is more inclusive.

More just.

More sustainable.

A world that remembers how to work in harmony with the other-than-humans.

We also believe that it's never been easier or more imperative for healers and mystics to claim professional positions in their communities and to make a sustainable, (dare I say) profitable, living doing it.

When you become a member of Labyrinthos, you become a part of this mission.

Labyrinthos exists to educate, support, train and connect professional healers and mystics. 

This includes coaches, spiritual workers, ritualists, wellness professionals, psychics, lightworkers, starseeds and other soulpreneurs. 

 When you show up to ask questions, share your experiences or to cheer others on, you are contributing to a world where healers and mystics can do their work in sustainable, profitable and valuable ways. All while being recognized as key pillars of community ecosystems and without the threat of being misunderstood or punished for our Work.

At Labyrinthos we know that being an entrepreneurial healer or mystic is different than being an entrepreneur:

  • Snag 'em and bag 'em marketing tactics have spiritual and energetic consequences for our work and can't be used (plus, ew.)
  • A delicate balance between charging what we need to charge and ensuring everyone has access to healing is constantly being considered
  • Social and Earth justice issues are intimately intwined with our work, service and calling
  • Walking into any ol' entrepreneurial community, conference or class can have us disguising or downplaying our Actual Work in order to not seem like the weirdo or too "fluffy"
  • While financial stability and security for ourselves and our families are a high priority, it isn't always the Ultimate Goal like it is for most online entrepreneurs. Holding space for ushering in the new world is

Joining "The Lab" is free.

Each month we have the vital and edge-skirting conversations we need as spiritual entrepreneurs trying to create a business, a healthy life and a healthy world for the future generations. 

Conversations on topics like:

  • Capitalism & Money Magick
  • EcoFeminism & Business Practices
  • Best Practices for Holding Healing Space Without Burnout
  • Charging Good Money and Being Inclusive/Accessible
  • Incubating Synchronicity & Serendipity for Path Clarity
  • Enlisting the Elements & Nature Spirits as Business Allies
  • And so much more

Plus, an optional monthly book club, live chats and calls, a community and network of other entrepreneurial and ecofeminist healers and mystics, free courses and the opportunity to enroll in paid courses and programs.

All without disguising, downplaying or over-explaining what you do and why you do it.

Here's What's Included:

Access To Free And Paid Courses And Programs, all of which are hosted right here inside The Lab so you never need another login again. Yep, there's free courses already waiting for you. PLUS: You can apply to have your own free or paid courses added to the list of offerings.

Monthly Conversation Themes around what it's really like to be an entrepreneurial healer or mystic in a muggle marketing and money world-- including an optional Book of the Month Club where we read and discuss a book around the monthly topic.

Bi-Weekly Live Chat & Office Hours, hosted right here within The Lab. Ask questions that can’t wait, offer input on someone else’s question, make a suggestion or just shoot the sh*t with your fellow members.

A Network of Intellectual Healers & Mystics. As professionals whose work has been historically misunderstood, undervalued and even punishable by death, we believe it is imperative to form a world wide network designed to empower, inform and "skill-up" one another. PLUS: The Lab makes it easy to find other Labyrinth Walkers in your area! 

A Private Coaching Thread Between You & Me. Quickly and easily ask me any question, tell me about a suggestion or a support issue you have, or ask for clarity or insights about one of the courses you might be taking inside The Lab. I'm not hiding from you and there's no gatekeeper.

Member-Only Access to Our Community App. Download the app for complete access to The Lab from anywhere. Take a mini-class, share a story, article or on-point gif or catch up on posts and chime in on a thread from any device.

Our Private Off-Facebook Community. The community is integrated right within the entire Labyrinthos platform so there’s no need to go one place for course content and another for the community– all without the general stickiness of Facebook.


The Thread Podcast

Each week a new member of Labyrinthos is spotlighted in our members-only podcast, The Thread. Join us as we learn more about one another, including the thread woven through out our life that hints at and leads to our Great Work for this lifetime-- and all the ups and downs along the way.

All of this.

At no cost to you.

(so what are you waiting for? join today!)

Meet Your Host: 

I created Labyrinthos because it's the community and resource I've been looking for for over 10 years. 

As an ancestral healer, Geomystic™, spiritual worker and entrepreneur I wanted a place for other healers and mystics to come together to have honest, on-the-edge-of-taboo, and insightful conversations on topics where mysticism and entrepreneurship intersect-- all without the usual downplaying or over-explaining of our work that can come when we're in muggle spaces of the same caliber. 

In Labyrinthos you'll receive access to conversations, paid and free courses and a network of peers-- all of which is centered around helping one another hone our skills as healers and mystics, become better entrepreneurs and create space for a new world . . . particularly we'll be leaning on intersectional ecofeminism to guide our solutions and decisions for creating a better life model.

I named this community Labyrinthos, in part, because I want to remind you that your Sacred Work is a labyrinth, not a maze. It's designed to be a sacred and reflective journey, not a hectic and confusing race. And inside Labyrinthos you'll experience exactly that.

Are you ready to walk with us?

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