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What Is Labyrinthos?

Mainstream spirituality talks about magic as if it's all rainbows and butterflies-- and on the surface it can be. But underneath, something deeper is calling to us. A quest. A pilgrimage. A journey into uncovering the ancient wisdom that was born before us.

The Lab is an online membership program to help you navigate these times of transition and to (re)learn to trust a deeper magic . . . one that's been within you all along.

$40 a month/ $400 a year gets you everything: 

  • The entire 12-module course curriculum
  • A network of intellectual woo-woo types
  • Access to our member-only app
  • Our off-Facebook community with laser insights
  • Weekly live chats and a private coaching thread with Darla Antoine 
  • Quarterly live community calls
  • And more!

To learn more about Labyrinthos, please visit us here.

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